Website Development

Website Development

We create bespoke, well-constructed, and easy to use websites for clients from a range of industries.

With decades of experience, our team provides expertise across various platforms. Whether your objectives are for lead generation, sales or brand awareness, we can design a responsive, engaging website tailored to achieving the goals of your business or organisation.

With creativity at the core, our team offers a full end-to-end service with a personable, supportive approach at every stage of the process. We are passionate about what we do and are confident that you will enjoy working with us.

Defining your objectives

For all of our projects, initially, we seek to understand your key objectives. We take into consideration various factors including buyer or user personas, to understand the people who are visiting your site, their behaviour and navigation around the site.

We define goals and conversion metrics to measure success and guide the user journey on the optimum route around the site to help achieve this purpose. Our team of designers and developers carefully consider the structure and performance of your existing website, how your competitors perform online, how your target customers find you, and identifying desirable 'Calls to Action' (CTA).

User experience planning

Naturally, our sites are fully responsive and perform across desktop, tablet and mobile internet-enabled devices. We deliver your website content in a way that is intuitive, user friendly and professional. We integrate your brand personality to ensure consistent user touchpoints throughout the site.

The more accessible and enjoyable your site is to use, the lower your bounce rate will be, and the longer people will spend consuming your content and, ideally, converting. Your users will be able to find the information they need and will be more likely to return, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase.

We put careful consideration into:

  1. Navigation
  2. Performance
  3. Readability
  4. Responsiveness

Depending upon the scope, we can design your site to integrate with other touchpoints, for example, an integrated CRM system, email marketing and social media channels, ensuring a consistent approach.

We put careful consideration into navigation, performance, readability and responsiveness

Leveraging your brand

Performed correctly, the process of creating a new website will answer critical questions about your overall marketing positioning; Who are your customers, what is the problem you solve for your customers, is your brand reflective of your company values, and what are your future plans for growth, to provide examples. Our team can provide guidance and help you to develop your brand online.

Design and Development

Once we have agreed on the scope and objectives, we create website mock-ups and a proposal to take your online presence forward based on your unique goals.

We craft the back-end Content Management System (CMS) to be intuitive and easy to use. Typically we will co-create content for the website in collaboration with you as the client and subject matter expert and can assist as much or little as needed with regards to web-friendly copy and imagery.

We perform cross-browser, responsiveness, speed and performance testing as standard.

Support and training

Our team is on-hand to offer support and training in using and optimising your new website. We can also provide ongoing safe, secure hosting, content updates, and digital marketing services to keep your website current and improve search ranking. Our services extend to IT support and if needed, can be performed remotely to ensure your business is performing as it should.

What is ProcessWire?

Our preferrred Content Management System (CMS) we use for the foundation to our websites is one that you've probably never heard of: ProcessWire. By contrast, many of you may have heard of the "big players" - Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal - so why don't we use one of those? There are three main reasons which are highlighted in the below video, head over to our blog for a deep-dive into the world of ProcessWire.

To take your website to the next level, contact Nifty Solutions today to discuss your unique requirements.

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