Evolve and Care

Evolve and Care

Let us keep your website safe, secure and up to date with our Evolve & Care offering.

The benefits of maintaining and nurturing your site are clear. It is not only good practice to refresh your content to drive organic search traffic and optimise performance, but also ensures you remain protected against the latest cyber threats.

Our reports on uptime, speed, security and performance provide you with the confidence your website is operating as expected. For a low monthly fee, we ensure your website performs at its best. Our Evolve & Care package includes the below items as standard, for bespoke requirements, please get in touch.

Safe and secure web hosting services.

We offer a hosting service using Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides flexible, robust and secure web hosting solutions. Scalable to your business, AWS provides market-leading hosting services from worldwide data-centres and reacts to the daily traffic of your website.

Save time and focus on your business by assigning Nifty Solutions to handle your Amazon Web Services cloud hosting and receive a single invoice to include our managed services.

Quick-response technical support.

With our Evolve & Care plan, you will receive quick response technical support to ensure your website continues to perform as it should, minimising downtime. Let our experts solve your problems allowing your personnel to focus on the task at hand.

Minor design and website enhancements.

After launch, it may be easy to let your website go stagnant with old content and with time the design may start to look dated. Extend the life of your site by allowing us to tweak and improve the design, create new pages or content, change out imagery and perform general maintenance.

Combined with new content creation and social media management, we can help drive traffic to your site and increase your online presence.

Integrated monthly reporting

We integrate various data streams to provide a single concise, accurate and bespoke report tailored to the individual goals of your site. Details on visitor traffic, acquisition, behaviour and goal conversion will be combined with information on the speed and security of the site to give you actionable data and peace of mind.

Get in touch today to learn more about our Evolve & Care service to extend the life of your website and monitor and improve its performance.

Uptime and speed verification.

Ensuring your website operates as it should is crucial to your business. The performance of your website in terms of uptime and speed have severe implications in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). The site speed metric exists because of user impatience, with users expecting sites to load quickly and in their completeness. 

Our monthly uptime and speed verification testing provide real-time alerts to any downtime, as well as monthly speed performance information. 

Get in touch today to learn more about our Evolve & Care service to extend the life of your website and monitor and improve its performance.