Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Deepen your connection and meet your goals

Consumers today do not give their personal information lightly. When they subscribe to your newsletter or consent to other marketing emails, it is with purpose and meaning, which should be matched in turn by the quality of communication sent. When used correctly, email marketing is highly effective at helping your organisation achieve its marketing goals.

Build customer relationships.

Email communication builds upon the existing relationship you have with your prospect or customer, and as such, the message should align to their buying journey. Providing relevant, timely information will guide the recipient to take desirable action, whether this is following you on social media, watching your new promotional video, or following through to purchase.

Reach your marketing goals.

Email marketing is used to achieve a range of goals within your overall marketing strategy:

  • Advance brand awareness - build your brand in the mind of the consumer.
  • Develop relationships - personalised messages will help to enhance your relationship with your customer.
  • Promote your products and content - share your curated blog posts, articles or news items as well as product information
  • Create and nurture leads - Provide useful information to your prospects that help them through the buying cycle.

Determining SMART objectives will allow you to monitor success and further optimise your email marketing campaigns.

Create high performing email marketing lists.

Will your customers subscribe via your website, when making a purchase, or to receive gated content? We help you to define the segments that will ultimately form the basis of your email marketing lists. Depending upon your business, this is likely to be a combination of buying or learning cycle stage and product categories.

Examples of lists based on customer segments would include:

  • For a mortgage advisor, they may segment by first-time buyers, home-owners, landlords.
  • A hotel group may have separate lists for loyalty cardholders, gym or spa members and corporate members.
  • For a land survey business, they could segment by type of service, or industry served.

Each of the above could also segment further, if needed, by the recipient's phase in the buying or learning cycle.

Delight your subscribers.

Now is the time to create email magic. Through proper segmentation, you will already have a solid idea of the message you are looking to convey. Include enticing images, engaging video and compelling copy to continue to guide your readers to convert. We match your company branding, tone and voice throughout all customer touchpoints, so you do not have to worry about diluting your message.

Optimise to succeed.

You've launched your email campaign and are ready to review the results. Remember those KPIs? Now is the time to compare the performance of each campaign against those predetermined goals. We analyse metrics such as bounce rate, number of emails delivered, open rate, clickthrough rate (CTR) and unsubscribe rate.

We compare campaigns against each other and look for potential optimisations to take forward into future campaigns. Maybe an emoji in the subject line works well for some of your audience segments, and perhaps some groups respond better to personalisation than others. It may be that the frequency of emails increases unsubscribes in lesser engaged groups. From there, we make improvements to enhance metrics and meet your goals.

Contact us today to learn how we can achieve your organisational goals through the power of email marketing.

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