CRM Design

CRM Design

Navigate and direct your sales process through effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

CRM systems are an essential part of modern businesses, and many are clunky, outdated and do not integrate easily with other parts of the company. We are experienced in using and designing CRM systems and can either advise on how to improve your existing CRM system or join you on the journey of launching a new one.

We find the best CRM systems have a few things in common:


Simple and straightforward to use, with each user group being able to access the information they need to succeed in the sales cycle. Usability also links to providing adequate training and guides on how actually to use the system. At Nifty, we have experience in using a range of CRM systems. We can advise on the steps to follow to tailor your new CRM system and encourage usage throughout the organisation.

Enhanced connectivity

Being able to integrate and share information throughout your organisation provides real value - create one version of the truth. By uniting your sales and marketing functions directly via your CRM system, you are creating synergy between the departments who are suddenly able to access information directly generated by customers. Connecting to other services, such as your email marketing provider, social networks, website, customer service app, even invoicing and financial information, will provide many benefits.

Strong alignment to sales cycle

Where your CRM system does not align well with your sales process, it is unlikely to be adopted by your sales or marketing team. We work to map the stages your customers go through during their buying decision-making process and building this in your CRM. By following this method, we also identify opportunities to enhance or accelerate the customer journey along the way with additional, targeted marketing activity.

Insightful analytics and reporting

The ability to interrogate your data and gain real insight into your customers and sales, in real-time, encourages users to input useful and accurate information. Another core service for Nifty is creating bespoke dashboards and reports using a range of business information. We are able to integrate CRM data with other datasets generated by the business to provide additional insights and actionable information to support decision-making.

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