Content Creation

Content Creation

Engaging, relevant, and meaningful content will add real value to your marketing activity, whether this is for your website, email campaigns, social media, or blog.

Investing in high-quality copy tailored to your marketing objectives will ensure that the tone of your brand is consistent and maintained across all channels. While the appearance and user experience of your website is essential, if it fails to provide the information your visitors need, they may leave your site and head straight to a competitor.

We create content for the web, printed literature and presentations to support your business objectives.

Investing in content marketing

According to research by inbound specialists Hubspot, content marketing brings in 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less. Creating useful and informative content can help you achieve your online goals by engaging customers and potential customers at all stages of their buying cycle.

The regular creation of quality content relevant to your site also brings SEO rewards, with Hubspot reporting that companies who publish more than 16 blog posts per months benefit from more than three times the amount of traffic than those who post less than four times per month.

To maximise your content-marketing performance, create regular, quality content that reflects the buying cycle of your target customer.

Designing your content strategy

The frequency, tone and type of content should align to your overall marketing strategy, with clear, SMART objectives to monitor progress. Each piece of content should resonate with your readers, so research may be needed to understand each target group in more detail. Content should also speak to where the reader is in their buying decision-making process for maximum effectiveness. Depending upon your business, you may need to explore a variety of media to keep your content fresh and exciting.

Types of content

  • Blog posts
  • News articles
  • Presentations
  • White papers
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Social media posts

Programming your content

Once we have agreed on how the content strategy will align with your other marketing activity, we set about creating a content calendar.

A shared content calendar provides visibility of the daily, weekly and monthly plan for releasing content to all involved in the process. The content calendar will highlight any relevant milestones or national days to be aware of, the title of the content piece and, once complete, a link to the draft for review.

Content creation and release

This is where we craft your content. For some of the more involved pieces, such as white papers or e-guides, this may be more time-intensive as we gather research from various sources and ensure the quality of the input. Blog posts, news articles, social media posts typically need less planning and can be more spontaneous and reactive. Video production can be simple or involved depending upon the footage and objectives. We have access to various stock photography and videography to support multiple business aims and provide visual interest.

Depending upon the scope of services, we can post your content directly to your website, video hosting or social media channels, email to your designated list or release to the press.

Review and monitoring

When combined with performance analytics, we can provide insights into the types of content that perform well on your social media channels and your website, your email campaigns and, if relevant, how well they were picked up in the press. For evergreen content (content that does not date), we can make optimisations based on these results and look to improve performance going forward.

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