Application Design

Application Design

Our experience in building online applications helps our clients to access their critical data wherever they are and on any device.

We've built bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) systems, e-commerce administration systems, health and safety observation systems, booking portals, and asset registers, to name just a few.

Our customers find that having bespoke, accessible, web-based applications that work across any device offers a significant competitive advantage over a mixture of legacy desktop applications and feature-limited mobile applications.

Our team benefits from years of experience and combine industry best practice with the latest technology to create high-performance applications that are tailored to your needs.

Bring your web application ideas to reality.

It is unlikely that you will have a clear idea from the outset of how every element of application should look, feel and work - it would be rare if you did!

To start the process, we understand your specific needs and functional requirements and work with you to create a design brief. We research your business, industry, customers, competitors to add context to the project. From there, we develop prototypes and the initial design concept and agree on a timescale for testing, launch, and training.

We typically work using an online project management and collaboration tool to allow visibility and interaction between project members and sharing of progress.

Our team will be there to advise and bringing your ideas to reality, bringing their experience from other projects to the process.

Our experience includes:

  • Mortgage CRM systems
  • Asset register databases
  • Health and safety observation systems
  • Offshore CRM systems
  • E-commerce administration system
  • Travel booking portal

We focus on design, usability and creativity.

Comprising user interface design (UI), usability (UX) content production and graphic design, web application design is a crucial phase of the process; creating the look and feel of the application. UI encompasses all visual elements, including fonts, buttons, colours, imagery, and navigation. UX is more concerned with the user experience when using the application, covering aspects such as speed, performance, and overall effectiveness in allowing the user to achieve their goals.

We create application designs that are intuitive and simple to use, representing the business and leveraging the brand. It is critical to pay attention to even the smallest negative detail as these will detract from the experience and will stick in the mind of your user, potentially interrupting you from achieving your goals.

Reporting and Optimisation.

As another core service, we provide bespoke performance analytics and are experienced in various reporting tools. Depending upon your scope and individual requirements, we can offer custom analytics to realise the full potential of your new web application and to help drive further optimisation.

Whether you are looking to understand about user acquisition, journey or abandonments, we can help by providing measureable results leading to valuable insights.

Support and training.

We understand the importance of ensuring your new web-application is managed correctly, nurtured and continues to advance alongside your business. Our team are experienced in both onsite and remote training, and our services extend to IT support to provide further assurance. We provide responsive technical assistance and offer various monthly packages to support your team and business.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help to drive your business forward using bespoke web applications or visit our portfolio page to learn more about our track record.