How to nurture creativity

How to nurture creativity

Heather Blackford
Heather Blackford
9 April 2020
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Creativity: "the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas." It is quicker and simpler to share ideas than ever before. Here are a few simple ideas to help you to nurture your creativity.

Consider your wellbeing

When worry, stress and anxiety take over your thoughts, there is not much room for anything new. Take time to look after yourself, spend more time outdoors, take a technology detox, talk to friends and make exercise a priority. Once your mental wellbeing improves, you are likely to find your thought processes are more varied and insightful.

Take up a new hobby

By starting something new outside of your typical routine, whether as a group or alone, you'll boost your flow of new ideas and nurture your creative side. Take on something out of your comfort zone, such as learning a new language, dancing, sport or art, and see how your horizons expand. Are you into film, psychology or art? Gather interesting articles, videos and content online about topics that interest you and learn about them.

Keep a diary

Consider using a bullet journal to record your ideas and thoughts, keep track of positive habits and follow progress. Log your ambitions, aspirations and goals, record your plans and improve your writing. Allowing yourself time for self-reflection will help you take on board new information and generate new ideas.

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